NEWS: 2019 Student Council Elections

by: Kyle Wolfson ’22

Published on 5/13/19

Oscar Fox ’21 speaks at the Candidate Assembly

This spring’s student council election has been unlike any in recent memory, with two rising juniors winning races for president and secretary, and two runoffs for president and vice president.

The student body council has many jobs and they elected to be are the leaders of the whole high school student body. The student body president oversees all student councils, hosts sports banquets, and numerous other tasks, while the vice-president’s main job is to run and oversee assemblies. The treasurer handles the money, makes sure clubs get the money that they need through the grant program, and the secretary is mainly in charge of planning the leadership retreat and communication with students and faculty.

This year, there were three candidates for president: Taylor Hartman ‘20, Claire Kim ‘20, and Michael Gordon ‘21. These candidates all gave very different speeches. Kim, who served as junior class president, promised better sports banquets and a longer Field Day, while Gordon served as sophomore class president, focused more on putting more attention to clubs. Hartman focused his campaign about how he would not hold back when he talked to the administration.

Freshman Piers Mason had a strong reaction to Hartman’s speech.

“It was extremely convincing,” he said.  

After the first round of voting, there was a runoff between Gordon and Hartman, and Gordon won, becoming the first junior to hold the position in over a decade.

“I am so lucky that I get to help lead next year’s student body,” said Gordon.

The race for vice president was a competition between Zoey Fink ‘20, Jacob Green ‘20, Ella Nordberg ‘20, and Gideon Mosse ‘20. There were lots of promises made about how each candidate would change assembly. Fink campaigned that she would get rid of assembly in its entirety, while Nordberg talked about inputting games to make assembly more entertaining. The election ended in a runoff between Mosse and Nordberg, with Nordberg winning the election and running her first assembly on Wednesday, May 2.

For the position of treasurer, there was only one candidate: Dabney Moore. Moore’s campaign focused on making student council money more accessible.

“I want to make it easier for the student body to find information regarding club money and grants,” she said.

The student body elections made history by having another rising junior running for secretary: rising junior Oscar Fox running against rising senior Jordyn Sheats. Fox shared his plan to speak with the current secretary in order to plan a more engaging retreat. Sheats campaigned about her numerous leadership roles in various groups. The election resulted in Fox winning, resulting in two rising juniors on the student council for the first time ever.

The upcoming year is sure to be like no other with a new and young student council eager to help and bring their new ideas to the table.

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